Every day the average business person reads and writes 50 to 200 email in order to perform their jobs. If your company uses email as an active marketing tool, you also know email is a cost-effective way to build profitable client relationships.

The challenges in either case are:

  • How to keep your email messages from going directly to the junk file
  • How to get your email messages read - ever
  • How to get your email messages acted on in a timely manner

Unless you are President Obama I can guarantee that if you don’t have a powerful, relevant subject line your email messages are not being read and acted on by everyone you would like.

When you write a great email subject line, it's one of the best ways to increase your open rates.

Sure, an effective subject line is only one part of getting your email message read and acted on, but if you don’t convince your target audience to open your email, the time you spent writing your message will have been completely wasted. So, here are 4 tips on how to write a great email subject line.

Email Subject Line Tip 1.

Include the purpose of the project or email. For example: ‘Mayhew Artwork’ or ‘CMA Tradeshow’ helps identify which project or perhaps client the email message is for. This technique also helps the receiver track the history of the project and file the message in their Inbox or Project File.

Email Subject Line Tip 2.

Include a call to action in your email subject line. For example: ‘Mayhew Artwork: Your Approval Required’ tells the receiver exactly what they need to do. If they are familiar with the project mentioned, it’s likely they can also estimate the time they’ll need to invest.

Email Subject Line Tip 3.

Keep your email subject line short. There are many good reasons to do this, but the easiest to relate to is that more and more people are receiving, prioritizing, reading and responding to email on smart phones. If a smart phone is being used, it’s likely only nine to fifteen characters of your email subject line may be viewed.

Email Subject Line Tip 4.

Give yourself a break by writing your subject line after you’ve finished writing your email message. I promise this is the best way to write a great email subject line. Not sold? Consider how difficult it would be to write an effective executive summary before your proposal is finished.

To recap, your email subject line should tell your reader the main purpose of your email and help them decide if they'll open your email now or later. A great email subject line will also give them insight into what they'll be responsible for having received your message.

If you need some help to learn how to do this, your success is only one email and one three hour workshop away.

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