Choose from our 3 Employee Training & Leadership Solutions, or build your own from our 12 corporate training solutions.

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Improve Productivity: Make Every Moment Count

Hire, Motivate and Retain Exceptional Talent

Be A Strengths Based Leader & Loyalty Builder

You are here because you choose to be remarkable. Professional development is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to succeed and to empower your employees. Happy employees create happy customers... and happy employees are productive employees.

Employee Training

Employee training is an investment in professional development. Empower your employees in a collaborative training and development workspace that supports your mission, vision and values.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's most popular programs are Email Etiquette, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences and Time Management.


Executive coaching helps people not only survive - but thrive. Coaching helps individuals focus on their strengths and passions with clarity and conviction.

Leadership Skills

Leadership training and leadership skills development enables organizations to increase employee loyalty, engagement and productivity. Ignite the passion in your employees no matter what generation they belong to.



Bruce Mayhew Consulting has a simple approach when we speak at a conference or training event. We strive to make a connection with your audience while sharing practical, usable information.

Bruce Mayhew

Stand out from your competition. Empower your employees.

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Toronto professional development and leadership skills expert Bruce Mayhew meets your training and development objectives throughout Canada and the United States.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences and Time Management Training.