Email Etiquette Training


Email etiquette training improves the personal and professional reputation of busy business professionals... and so much more.  Imagine spending less time writing email while also:

  • Building trusting client relationshipsEmail Writing on Canada AM
  • Always sounding professional
  • Getting the information you need when you need it
  • Increasing teamwork, collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Email volumes and stress levels go down... for everyone in your office

Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers email etiquette training that is focused on the needs of busy business professionals; therefore, our corporate training is perfectly designed to also improve Time Management skills.

Effective email etiquette training is an empowering workshop that helps everyone:

  • Get to the point - quickly
  • Reduce mistakes caused by misunderstood email
  • Stop abusing To... Cc... and Reply All...
  • Avoid writing hostile, bossy or rude email messages 
  • Write email messages that are easy to respond to
  • Support corporate values and personal values
  • Support teamwork and collaboration
  • Be more confident and more relaxed at work

Half-Day Email Etiquette Workshops


“Yours was my second course on effective business writing. The first was two days - a few years ago. I feel your course covers as much material in three hours as did the first course in two days. I have recommended your course to my supervisor.

Communication expert Bruce Mayhew provides effective email training that uses real email samples and hands-on demonstrations to explain how each of us can write impactful email.

Executive Workshops

We've developed two options for our Executive email etiquette training (when your team can’t be away for a half-day).

  • Our Executive Email Etiquette Training addresses the most common challenges employees face when writing email. It's fast paced and the workshop is still interactive because we know adults learn best when they're active.
  • Our Executive Email Etiquette Training Series is the same content as our Three or Four Hour Email Writing Workshop, split between two sessions on two different days.

Our main focus is to teach techniques that will get results. We teach how to share the right information with the right people at the right time in a respectful and organized manner.

Your Other Business Writing Will Also Improve

Email etiquette training will also improve business writing. You'll discover email training will help you:

  • Write impactful business letters
  • Create more effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Structure detailed requests for proposals
  • Prepare for important phone calls / phone etiquette basics

Take positive action. Everyone can communicate more effectively. 

Teamwork Delivers Organizational Benefits

If you’re considering team building for your team, our interactive email etiquette workshops are great ways for you to meet two objectives at one time.

Our highly interactive course helps your teamwork together to learn effective communication techniques together – and the team building process encourages them to support each other when they return to the office. 

Customize Your Email Etiquette Course

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting will work with you to customize your email etiquette training so that it addresses the email concerns that are most relevant to your organization.

Here are a few of our workshop testimonials.

Are you looking to mainstream your communications and make effective business email writing the prevailing approach throughout your successful organization?

Like all of our Communication Training, our effective business email etiquette training is available in Toronto and throughout Canada and the US. Contact us for more information and to plan customized effective business email writing training.

We work to build long-term, collaborative relationships that maximize your overall success and earnings.

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