I have offered interview coaching for years. Even when I was a manager at one of Canada’s big banks when it was time for a valued employee to move up I saw it as my duty to help them. Now that I am a trainer and coach, I get to do this even more often. 

With just a little interview coaching clients gain the confidence in interviews to share the rights skills at the right time. And, because they are more confident they also free more empowered and in control. This is a great feeling.

Here are 3 benefits to interview coaching and how coaching can help you get the job:

  1. Clients feel calm (or calmer): A mentor of mine once shared nervous is important – it show that you care. You just don’t want nerves to get out of control. The best way is to prepare and feel confident… and that means to prepare for both the interview questions we all expect and more importantly, prepare for the questions you don’t expect. We also help you inventory your soft-skills, like trustworthiness, respect, leadership skills, collaboration skills, attention to detail, when you’ve officially or unofficially mentored someone. 
  2. Learn how to communicate to impress. As an interview coach I’ll teach you a strategy you can use impress your interviewers with your answer no matter what you are asked. We’ll work on getting to the point, when you may be rambling… and when you may need to add more information. How to skillfully address when you may not have all of the experience or credentials.
  3. Learn how to prepare to walk into the interview, what you should bring with you. If you’ve ever wondered about what questions you should ask? For example, can you talk about salary? What about the policy around flexible work hours? How do they support professional development? Not to worry, we’ll work with you on that.

Your friends and family are great, but this is a time to get professional help. interview coaching can help you get the job. You need someone you can trust to tell you the truth and who also knows how to help you put your best foot forward. That’s Bruce Mayhew Consulting, we’ll be on your trustworthy resource and we’ll help you be the successful job candidate.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting is a company dedicated to improving peoples communication... and yet, we believe wee are in the people business, not the communication business. We make people their greatest.

We work to build long-term, collaborative relationships that maximize your overall success and earnings.

Call us at 416.617.0462 when you want to learn more about interview skills training.

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