Bruce Mayhew Consulting is a leader in designing and delivering professional development and employee training solutions. We offer customized corporate training solutions and executive coaching to meet your unique needs, objectives, audience, budget and time lines.

Time Management & Email Etiquette Training Package

Time Management and Email Etiquette training helps professionals make every moment count. Participants learn to:

  • Write email that get to the point and are not interpreted as rude or bossy
  • Have meetings that are collaborative, informative and... worth every minute
  • Prioritize Important Work over Busy Work and win over last-minute deadlines... throughout your day

Interview Skills & Generational Differences Training Package

Interview Skills training teaches how to hire, motivate and retain exceptional Millennial, Gen X and Boomer employees:

  • Hire the right people with the right values – every time
  • Recognize the most qualified person may be the wrong person to hire and how to discover this during a job interview
  • Learn more than 10 ways to motivate and retain highly engaged staff

Strengths-Based Leadership & Mindfulness Training Package

Leadership Skills & Mindfulness training is an investment that increases employee loyalty, engagement and productivity:

  • Most employees want to stay with the same organization for 5 or more years.
  • Most employees expect to stay with the same organization less than 2 years.
  • When employees feel they have a poor leader, as many as 95% are considering quitting.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting will help you be remarkable.

The following are our 12 individual soft-skills & employee training solutions.


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Soft Skills Employee Training and Executive Coaching in Toronto:

From basic communication skills to executive management & leadership skills, we are flexible and we adapt to your needs. We offer 12 soft skills and employee training solutions (listed below), which include but are not limited to:

We provide engaging, interactive workshops for executives, middle management and non-management personnel in Toronto and all over Canada and USA.

Toronto Canadian management consultant and executive coach Bruce Mayhew is an expert in professional development. We offer coaching and corporate training in Toronto and throughout Canada and the USA. Our most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Leadership Skills Training, Generational Differences and Time Management Training.

At our Canadian management central office in Toronto, we create customized professional development courses that help participants reach their potential. Customize your corporate training by combining 2 or more of our training and development programs. Let us help you work smarter not harder.