Good manners project an image of professionalism, strengthening your reputation and improving your chances for career success.

To get started we first have to get everyone on the same page. Everyone has to be able to understand and respect the objectives. We work with your team to set expectations.

Basic Business Etiquette Objectives:

  • Agree upon shared expectations

  • Pay attention to each other / support each other

    • Mind your words / your language:

      • Don’t swear:

        • Start a swear jar

      • Be positive not negative:

        • What if we tried this way?” versus “That won’t work!”

      • Please and Thank you’s

  • Pay attention to your surroundings:

    • Opportunities to help

    • Danger

    • Your voice (is it loud)

    • Food smells

    • Music

  • Help out if you can:

    • Carry something 

    • Hold a door open

  • Mind your actions:

    • Be a role-model

    • Be on-time

    • Tell everyone when they’ve done a good job

    • Discourage gossip

    • Discourage sarcasm

    • Encourage humour

    • Discourage humour at someone else’s expense

    • Apologize… quickly… when (not if), you make a mistake with your work – or etiquette

Office Etiquette skills help professionals be confident and productive as they work with clients and internal audiences.

Toronto corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers Email Etiquette training, Generational Differences training and many other business etiquette courses & soft skills training solutions. We create customized professional development courses at our Canadian management central office in Toronto.

If you would like to learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from our email etiquette training or other communication skills courses call us at 416.617.0462.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences and Time Management Training.

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If you want to learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from our services, call us at 416.617.0462.

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