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Email Etiquette and Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations build trusting relationships. Professional development helps teams confidently resolve issues.
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Email Etiquette

Email etiquette & business writing helps you manage expectations. Professional development improves your reputation.
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Develop Business Stories

Business stories help your brand and your values come alive. Training is crucial to engaging your customers and employees.
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How To Do Conflict Well

We teach management teams how to manage conflict when working through conflict and emotional situations.
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Time Management and Generational Differences

Time Management

Time Management is empowering. Training helps your team proudly exceed expectations in less time with less waste. 
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Multigenerational Workforce

Diversity in the workplace training teaches successful organizations how to motivate, reward and retain employees.
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Teamwork & Collaboration

Collaboration training demonstrates how professional development and business etiquette training empowers employees.
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LinkedIn Training

BMC's LinkedIn training includes practical options to expand your professional network in only a few minutes per week.
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Attract high-potential employees.
 Lower turnover.
Improve your client experience.

Leadership & Business Strategy

Leadership Development

Leadership Development training helps participants recognize their leadership strengths and build new ones.
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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership inspires employees. Leadership development helps leaders confidently make strategic decisions.
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Objective Setting

Explore how to set objectives and the steps to succeed within this interactive learning and development training.
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Behavioural Interview

A Behavioural Event Interview helps you hire highly motivated employees. Improve hiring best practices and lower turnover.
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Watch Bruce on CTV's Canada AM

Toronto professional development expert Bruce Mayhew customizes training and development to meet your objectives.

Canadian management consultant Bruce Mayhew is an expert in professional development. We also offer leadership coaching and leadership training in Toronto and throughout Canada and the USA.

At our Canadian management central office in Toronto, we create customized professional development courses that help participants reach their potential. Let us help you work smarter not harder.