We believe your team can have fun as they participate in our customized corporate training. Our interactive workshops provide the tools participants need to strengthen their emotional intelligence and motivate employees from all generations.

Our training focuses on Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. 

Generational Differences Training (onsite 4-hour or 2-hour training)

Our training helps participants:

  • Work with and lead a multi-generational workforce

  • Understand the long and short-term goals of Gen Z and Millennials in the workplace

  • Explore how and why Boomers experience retirement, workplace flexibility and work-life balance differently

  • Examine the leadership opportunities Gen X are creating

  • Understand the generational similarities, differences and work ethics of Boomers, Gen X and now Gen Z

  • Motivate and mentor an intergenerational staff to peak performance

  • Use non-monetary, highly effective rewards

  • Know what leadership styles work best

  • Confidently and effectively manage people from generations older - or younger than you

  • Improve office collaboration, creativity and innovation by embracing generational diversity in the workplace

  • Work with employees from different cultural backgrounds (BONUS)

  • Improve job satisfaction, employee engagement & reduce workplace turnover

The ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ survey we produced at Bruce Mayhew Consulting identifies 65.38% of our Millennial participants would prefer to stay with one company for at least 5 years. Unfortunately, 50% expect to change jobs in the next 2 years or less. Why? Mostly because their leaders don't offer advancement options.

Who Should Attend Millennials In The Workplace Training?

All business professionals who work with individuals from different generations and/or cultures. Professionals who lead a multigenerational workforce want to be more confident hiring, motivating and retaining employees... especially Millennials At Work.

Generational differences training which now includes working with Generation Z employees (also known as iGeneration, Centennials or Post-Millennials), prepares employees and leaders to manage diversity in the workplace. Bruce Mayhew Consulting gets immediate results because we use stories to turn information into actionable skills and benefits.

Learn more about generational differences and how you and your organization can benefit from understanding the needs and the work ethics of Millennials, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Z. Call us at 416.617.0462.

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Toronto corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting is in the people business… it just so happens that professional development and/or executive coaching is involved. We offer training and development solutions including email etiquette, time management, generational differences and other business etiquette / soft skills training in Toronto, New York and throughout Canada and the USA.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences and Time Management Training.

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BMC Millennials In The Workplace
Sample Survey Findings

65.38% of Millennial participants want to be loyal to a company for at least 5 years.

50% expect to quit within the next 2 years.

Let us help you improve employee loyalty.

Generational Differences Training Tips

Training Tip #1

We work in an multigenerational world. With four generations in the workplace an inspirational leader knows how to motivate and mentor their team. Intergenerational leadership includes everyone and cares for everyone... and this results in happy employees and happier customers.

Training Tip #2

Millennials want clear instructions about what their leaders want – but they want to complete the task their own way... and as long as it stays on time and on budget and follows the organizational values - why not? The key to managing and retaining Millennials in the workplace is to make their work relevant and important. When they are engaged and feel their contribution makes a difference, they will be loyal and work hard.

Training Tip #3

It's no longer possible to keep doing what we have been doing in the past and expect other people and especially other generations to be motivated by the same things we are. For example, Baby Boomers are traditionally motivated by money and recognize status and hierarchy. Millennials want work/life balance, opportunity to better themselves and they want to know they are doing meaningful work. The best way to know who to motivate and reward your employees is not to look inward - but to ask each person... "What is important to you?"


Millennials Definition

The exact years of a Millennial changes depending on what country they are from and some cultural differences, however generally, Millennials (Generation Y) are born between 1978 - 2000.

A high-level Millennials definition should begin with their familiar reputation for being lazy which isn’t as valid as most believe. What they do want is interesting work and to know they are making a difference. Millennials have been told by their parents that they can do anything and that everyone has a valid opinion. So, if you are a Boomer or Gen X parent and employer, you now know why Millennials in the workplace are not shy and expect their opinions to be heard.

There is much more that goes into the Millennials definition and knowing how to manage, motivate and retain them. Please contact us to learn more about the generational differences of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers and how to create work/life balance and productivity; we can help.

Generation Names And Years

As stated above within the Millennials Definition, the exact years change depending on what country you are considering and some cultural differences.

  • Traditional Generation (Silent Generation): Born between 1922 - 1945

  • Baby Boomers: Born between 1946 - 1964

  • Generation X: Born between 1965 - 1977

  • Millennials (Generation Y): Born between 1978 - 2000

  • Gen Z: Born between 2001 -

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Client Testimonial

Bruce provided enlightened corporate training that was appreciated by all. He was flexible with the timelines and encouraged conversation and questions throughout the multigenerational workforce training [and BEI training] that deepened our understanding. We are applying methods learned during training and it gives us perspective on new hires.

His after-training cooperation was also greatly appreciated.
— Client