We know performance management systems and you know your organization. Working together we develop custom programs to hire, develop, manage, motivate, and retain exceptional people with exceptional talent and values.

Performance management begins with hiring the right people, and Behavioural Event Interview questions help leaders identify and recruit exceptional talent. Let us help you unlock your hiring potential. When you hire the right people, productivity, creativity and employee satisfaction all skyrocket.

Your Take Away From Behavioural Event Interview (BEI), Training

Imagine having a job interview process that measures a candidates success based on their past behaviour. Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers this performance-based interview skills training (using Behavioural Event Interview) to train leaders to:

  • Design behavioural interview questions that evaluate a job candidates beliefs, values and needs
  • Develop a job interview assessment scorecard that will provide consistent, quantifiable results
  • Successfully conduct a group interviews, panel interviews or individual interviews
  • Identify high-potential job candidates quickly, helping you to shorten the hiring process
  • Forecast a candidates future behavior
  • Identify performance strengths... and performance gaps of potential candidates
  • Eliminate bias in assessment
  • Make hiring decisions that are defendable and stand up to scrutiny by Senior Management, HR and unions

To ensure sustainability and to reinforce training and development, a customized workbook / reference book encourages immediate use of new tools, techniques and discussion points. 

BEI is a job interview assessment that can easily and consistently be used by HR staff and all leaders. Participants leave behavioural event interview training with interview questions they've created and an evaluation matrix.

Many clients pair training on Behavioural Interview Questions with our Generational Differences training.

Who Should Attend Behavioural Interview Training?

Business leaders who are responsible for conducting job interviews, hiring staff and/or recruiting volunteers.  People who work with teams and want to be more confident and effective.

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