Email Writing Training is one of the best training & development opportunities employers can provide that will have immediate and significant positive impact on their employees day-to-day operations.

Email touches every part of our work life – and Email Writing Training teaches us how to write (and read), email well. When employees learn to write email and read email like professionals, their time management improves, they become more productive and they build a reputation (and by extension so does your organization), as being professional and great communicators.

We all need Email Writing Training because it wasn't offered at school.

Many employees receive Excel training and PowerPoint training, but not Email training. This is true even though email is used every hour of the day and over 90% of business communication is by email… with more and more instant messaging moving in. And, with so many of us on mobile devices, each employees reputation depends on their ability to express a clear, complete thought and protect the organizational brand through a small keyboard - without saying a word - often while walking.

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Over time most employees have picked up a few good habits – but in our experience they’ve also learned many more bad ones.

What are some of the best email habits?  Let me share a list from our Email Training course outline. Participants who take Bruce Mayhew Consulting Email Writing Training learn how to write professional emails, improve quality of their work, save time and their reputation by:

  • Getting to the point - quickly
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Demonstrating their experience and knowledge
  • Confidently using professional language and structure
  • Writing informative Email Subject Lines
  • Getting the information they ask for when they need it
  • Supporting corporate values and personal values
  • No longer writing with a negative tone and being misunderstood as bossy or hostile
  • No longer abusing To... Cc... and Reply All...
  • Benefiting from using Plain Language
  • Feeling less stressed

Would you like your employees to learn how to adopt those habits? Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Email Writing Training is a 3 or 4-hour customizable workshop that has immediate impact.

We would like you to hire Bruce Mayhew Consulting to deliver Email Training to your teams. And now that you know what your employees will learn from one of the best investment you will make, we also want to give you a sample of best practices. So, here is a list of free email writing tips your employees should always keep in mind.

Email Etiquette Do's (A Sample)


  • Personalize: Always state the person's name in your greeting. For example, say ‘Hello Bob’… not ‘Bob’ which sounds too abrupt and rude.
  • Keep email short: Email writing training teaches you how to bottom-line your message. Always make sure your action item and/or request is at the top of your email message. Never make your reader scroll to find out what’s in it for them or what you would like them to do… because they might never see it.
  • Reread email before sending: Always check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Also check you put the right person into the To: field, we’ve all sent email to the wrong ‘Chris’ or ‘John’.
  • Avoid sending one-word email: Sending one-word email such as "approved" is time efficient, but not ideal.What you "approve" may be clear now - to you - but what about a few days from now… or to other people? Be sure to always be crystal clear with your message. By saying "approved" you may get something you don't want - costing you time and money.
  • Your reader can't see you are trying hard to be helpful or nice: Unlike conversations where vocal inflexion and perhaps body language offer an incredible amount of information, email erases this - leaving only words to carry not only your message - but also your meaning.

About Bruce Mayhew Consulting Email Writing Training

One of our past participants wrote to us and said, “Yours was my second course on effective business email writing. The first was two days - a few years ago. I feel your course covers as much material in three hours as did the first course in two days. I have recommended your course.”

Bruce Mayhew Consulting is in the people business… it just so happens that corporate training and executive coaching is involved. Let us help you improve your productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

We think that says a lot… so are going to leave it there. We hope to hear from you. 

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