Much of a team’s success is the relationship a leader has with their direct reports and the way his or her leadership styles  support mindful listening, coaching, mentoring and empowering their teams and… their customers.

Leadership is always going to be a series of shifting priorities. Besides the ongoing need to support and communicate with their team, a leaders' most important job is to think strategically… to think long-term… the 'why' part of business.

Successful leaders set aside time to plan and to take a longer-term look at things. They do this often and review them regularly – at least quarterly. In fact, with the right team supporting them and the organization, successful leaders can (and should), easily fill their day when they focus on:

  1. Creating and expressing a vision
  2. Developing and encouraging their employees (and customers)
  3. Supporting their people and project (clearing roadblocks and adding skills training)
  4. Ensuring project goals, budgets and timelines meet with the needs of the bigger vision / strategy
  5. Being a role model and public figure

Leaders step back from the day-to-day tactical ‘how’ and ‘do’ details and focus on the ‘why’. Leaders have a vision of ‘why’ and thoughtfully share that vision. And, they don't keep information back - strategy should never be shared on a need-to-know basis. The more information employees know the better the decisions they can make.

A leaders vision becomes a guiding light for their employees to work together using their expertise and experience to figure out the ‘how’ and to do the ‘do’. Employees do all or most of the ‘how’ and ‘do’ work.

Leadership Styles Get These Results

To get results you have to invest in your people – you have to invest in training and supporting yourself and your team. Understanding expectations (what and where), lets everyone plan and prepare. Some of the results you’d experience are:

A. Increase Productivity = Results

Among the many corporate goals, few are more important than productivity… or should I say increased productivity (and quality). When you focus on improving your people and getting their buy-in, productivity will increase naturally. So, create a vision, share the vision with your employees and work with them to determine how to collaboratively work as a team to reach the target productivity goals.

B. Improve Retention Rates = Results

Employee retention is a critical to offering clients a consistent product / service at a competitive price. With high turn-over rates comes not only a lack of corporate experience. High turn-over means high hiring and training costs which depletes your bottom line and takes leaders away from other duties. However, employees see training and development as an investment in their future which increases employee loyalty. Employee training is one of the lowest cost leadership styles that actively encourage employees to be highly engaged and love their job, their employer and their boss.

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