Bruce Mayhew Consulting's Teamwork and Collaboration training provides the tools and opportunities participants need to experience the benefits of collaboration.

Your Take Away From Teamwork And Collaboration Training

You and your team will learn management skills and team building activities so you can benefit from each other strengths.

Following this training your team will quickly earn a reputation for completing projects on time and on budget. Participants explore how to:

  • Get things done - quickly and efficiently

  • Listen to each other:

    • Turn off Auto-Pilot

    • Turn off judging; start helping / start adding value

  • Confirm project mission, vision, values and timelines

  • Explore what ‘Great’ would look like:

    • Confirm organizational goals

  • Explore and celebrate each others core competencies (Organization, Project, Individual and Supplier):

    • Have every explore, ‘How can I help?

      • Organization, Project, Individual and Supplier

  • Agree on Goals

  • Agree on individual accountabilities and organizational accountabilities (including timelines)

  • Choose the best idea move on (have discussions / weigh options)

  • Think outside the box

  • Document and share discussions and decisions

BMC begins this training by working with participants to design a sample ‘operational mission statement’ which would govern the culture and actions of the team as they collaborate.

To ensure sustainability and to reinforce professional development when employees are back in the office, a customized workbook / reference book encourages immediate use of new tools, techniques and discussion points. 

Creative work that exceeds expectations and meets both deadlines and budgets is waiting for you.

Our Approach To Your Success

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting provides teamwork and collaboration training that shares leadership skills and management skills participants can begin using immediately.

Participants will learn and work through exercises to experience the importance of:

  • Clear and compassionate communication

  • Capability and unique abilities of each member

  • Commitment to the project, your word and the other team members

  • Respect to yourself, your team members and stakeholders

  • Continuous learning and being open to new ideas

  • Creativity with your ideas and to listen openly to others ideas

Just like our other training and development courses our Teamwork and Collaboration training can be tailored to address specific requests. Bruce Mayhew Consulting will work with you to customize your team training course so that it addresses the concerns that are most relevant to you and your organization.

Who Should Attend Teamwork & Collaboration Training?

All business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they write to their internal and external audiences.

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Make collaboration training part of your professional development plan.

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