Within each email writing skills training workshop it's always interesting to see how vocal everyone is about why they love email… and don’t love email. And these differences are why many opportunities exist to increase everyone’s personal and corporate image, improve customer service and decrease email box clutter.

The following is a sample of the email writing skills training testimonials and feedback I have received.

After the Presentation:

  • "I am still blown away about how much I assumed I knew and how much I learned from you." (given months after workshop)
  • “It was excellent. Thanks Bruce.”
  • “Good tool to polish email writing.”
  • “Very informative, applicable and helpful to me now!”
  • "Well worth my time."
  • "I will be using the great email writing tips tomorrow." 
  • "You held my interest; made it fun."
  • "A positive learning experience."
  • “Would be appropriate to release your email writing tips throughout our organization.”
  • “Very good, presented in an interesting manner.”
  • "Fantastic. I will refer this to my colleagues."
  • "Sometimes I get overwhelmed by email. This session provided strategies to deal with them." “Effective, timely, very useful, value added.”
  • "Thanks so much for a great and very practical session." 
  • "Your email writing skills training workshop was excellent Bruce, so thanks!!! I know I'm going to put it all to good use."
  • "Your session was very informative and useful. I truly enjoyed the session."
  • "Great session at AFP Congress."

When back in their office:

  • "I now change phrasing of emails depending on the age group of the recipient."
  • "I have changed the way I use auto signatures."
  • "When multiple responses come in, I'm thinking more about capturing all the viewpoints into a single email to control teams better."
  • "I am much more aware of the layout I use when I write. I am getting more of my email answered quickly."
  • "I get less frustrated with other peoples email. I now realize they probably don't mean to be pushy."
  • "I write smarter subject lines now."

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